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Zombified Giveaway!!

Alright after talking with my publisher Zombified is coming down for a revise and deep edit, I do still however have these great Zombie Hello Kitty Earrings to give away, If you have already entered by buying Zombified great and I hope you 
love it! If you want to enter to win them then please purchase the $1.99 novella Eerie Vamp Stories

You get one entry for buying it and 2 entries for buying it and leaving a review.

Sorry for any zombie confusion, but there will be two new owners of Hello Kitty Zombie earrings and the price to enter just went down!!


In honor of Halloween and Zombies 
Simply post beneath here when you buy it, and then again when you review it. There will be two winners!! Thank you everyone!!!
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What people are saying about Zombified!

**** Four Stars ****

Not “just another Zombie story,” “Zombified” is the first person narrative of high-school student Cassie, who happens to be enduring a boring class when the Apocalypse occurs-no, not nuclear holocaust, the Zombies arrive, attacking the school and the military/SWAT team in place to prevent that. Lock-down of the school doesn’t help, and teacher Ms. Hamrick is bitten, then turned. Cassie finally gets to spend time with heartthrob Brett, as he helps her hide out. But Ms. Hamrick took a nibble on Cassie’s finger, so it’s only a matter of time.

“Zombified” categories Zombie classes, from the purely dead to the shamblers to the ones who are still cognizant-and actually talking, even though nobody (including each other) can comprehend them. Even in Zombification, friendship, familial love, and crushing still exist-who would have thought so?

Hopefully “Zombified” will lead to sequels, as Cassie still has a lot of life-umm, of “undead” in her.


My first thought of Zombiefied is that it’s definitely a page turner. I finished the book in one day. The opening of the book was astonishing to say the least. To be inside Cassie’s head as she was devouring her victim was awesome. It reminded me of the anime High School of the Dead once the flashback started. This subject has been something rarely touched, but I enjoyed the ride. I love the fact that we got to see what it was like for a zombie to become one and even being one after the fact.

Diving into the past and reliving the day she was bit was intriguing. It allowed me to meet her best friend and her crush Brett briefly. When the zombies began attacking the school everything kicked into high gear.

When her teacher lunged at her after talking, it kind of threw me off because zombies usually die before eating people. But then as I read more I saw that people were actually capable of being zombies before actually fully turning. Ms. Hamrick had really bit her. Ugh, made me upset because even though I knew she’d be a zombie I was hoping not so soon. I was secretly rooting for Cassie to make it haha, she even got to be with the guy she always wanted.
I actually laughed out loud about the bath salt line; it was great to see that thrown in there because of the recent news casting truly surrounding that.

“I had literally bitten my crush’s face off!” was my favorite line.

The phrase Reddy Teddy was hilarious in its own right.

I was rooting for the two (Brett and Cassie) but it didn’t last. That actually stayed on my mind the whole time I read the story. I felt bad for the guy because she left him in the dust after biting his face off. I wanted to see him pop back up somewhere but it never happened. Her loyalty to Rose was more than to anyone else it seemed and I found that odd. I wanted to scream go find Brett haha.

Introducing the new characters seemed easily done and not forced which is always a great thing. It was very believable.

All in all, the author dragged you deep into her world and kept you on the edge of your seat. Not knowing when someone would turn on you, you had to be cautious of everything and everyone. She vividly painted the world from the eyes of Cassie. Zombiefied is one that will make you laugh, and then in an instant want to cry. In some instances it makes you want to yell “Why in the world did you get out of the truck?!” Hahaha. It reminded me of Zombieland, with a little of The Walking Dead which I love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it seems to be set up for a sequel. I give Zombiefied 4.5 out of 5 stars only because I was worried about Brett the whole time and want to see what happened to him. Not to mention Cage. She gave up on the guy right when he snapped and stuck with Rose yet again who had long been crazy. I think I’m just a romantic at heart and wanted to see a little more of it even though this book was definitely about that. You did a great job and I will be looking for more from you.


I was hooked immediately after reading the prologue. I found it disturbingly hilarious. I really hope that it was meant to be that way or I will feel pretty twisted for finding it comical lol. I haven't read many zombie books, but this one was extremely refreshing.  I enjoyed reading Cassie's experience before and after her turn. It was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it! I must say, the epilogue was just as entertaining as the prologue. It kinda leaves it open for another book... hint, hint, Emily :-)


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