Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yoga DeAge - Robert Puzey

A once-lame and mechanical body that receives the Child-Age Affirmation suddenly awakens with a thrust of child-like energy. This super-energy is created out of raw material, novel stimuli, e.g., visualize an orange snowstorm! During childhood the triad, spirit/body/mind, vibrates in perfect harmony. In a flashback this harmonious resonance is re-experienced. Yoga-De-Age Programme explores ways to expend the rush of fresh energy so as to make room for more energy. This biological conversion regenerates tissue, refreshes the mental outlook, and nurtures spiritual awareness. At this marvelous juncture, miracle healing is possible. The old may be replaced with the new, just the way it happened when you and I were little.

Disease is fine-tuned to a person's particular circumstances. The potential for healing and de-ageing lies within us all. Sometimes when doctors, surgeons, oncologists, etc., give up on a patient, it can be very hard to ignore their professional opinion; however, you can self-heal and de-age regardless of what they say. The human body doesn't rust like metal; rather it endlessly regenerates new cells. For instance: the skin replaces itself in the space of a month, the stomach lining in five days, and the liver in six weeks.

When we become physically or mentally ill, the body and mind runs down to a low ebb. It is from the depths of this cavernous darkness that you have to light a tiny flame of hope, believe with all your heart and soul that disease and premature ageing is reversible. A result might take a minute or a week; your purview must extend beyond worldly limitations. If you're reading through this book attempting any exercises, cast doubts away, hold on to your faith, and become young and healthy!


My Thoughts

I found this book really intriguing as you could put yourself in a situation where you feel younger, it is therapy for your body, and an interesting way to go about it.

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