Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Club Series - New Release - Heady Velvet

Karim, Texas has a delightfully dirty little secret: The Club.

A private, exclusive BDSM world lies beyond the door of the unassuming 3-story building just off main street. All are welcome, but beyond the throbbing beats from the DJ and generous taps of the bartenders, no one know what lies upstairs.
Except, of course, those who are invited. Few are. Even fewer stay.
But if you are one of the lucky ones, one of the brave ones… all of your fantasies will come true.
heady velvet

Heady Velvet

By Emily Walker
Alice Plume is a carefree spirit. She doesn’t get worked up about much– how could she when her son-n-law owns a secret sex club?
While she’s fine with the fact that her daughter lives a life surrounded by kink, she’s never had any desire to venture further into the lifestyle–or even the club itself–other than catering a party or two. But then, she meets Knoll Seaton.
Knoll is the sexy personification of the ‘silver fox’–a real estate mogul with a voice that makes her insides melt, and touch that makes her want to beg. He’s also very much into the club lifestyle.
Alice isn’t sure that she can change her perception of sex to meet Knoll halfway…but Knoll isn’t one to walk away from something he wants. And he wants Alice.
This book contains adult language and situations.
It is intended for audiences 18 years and over.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

BENDER!! My Review

This goddess of the written word

M. Stratton

wrote a little novel called BENDER and I'm going to review it.


I am giving Bender *****
here's why

Stormy the protag was likable in a way that annoyed me. Stratton made her so appealing while making her quite naive.
Bender was damaged and her was softened by Stormy a bit but not in a way that made me feel like he lost himself.


The villains in this novel are what earned Stratton that fifth star I usually reserve for books like WOOL that had me lying on my carpet thinking about it for days. The villains were creepy and creative. They weren't typical and they gave me chills with some of their shenanigans. NUTTER is a nutter!! Nice job Stratton, ready for more!!