Friday, July 17, 2015

BENDER!! My Review

This goddess of the written word

M. Stratton

wrote a little novel called BENDER and I'm going to review it.


I am giving Bender *****
here's why

Stormy the protag was likable in a way that annoyed me. Stratton made her so appealing while making her quite naive.
Bender was damaged and her was softened by Stormy a bit but not in a way that made me feel like he lost himself.


The villains in this novel are what earned Stratton that fifth star I usually reserve for books like WOOL that had me lying on my carpet thinking about it for days. The villains were creepy and creative. They weren't typical and they gave me chills with some of their shenanigans. NUTTER is a nutter!! Nice job Stratton, ready for more!!

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