Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cover Reveal!! Julie's Ascent

I am beyond thrilled with the way this turned out thanks to my talented cover artist and publisher Jennifer of Beau Coup Publishing Company!

AVAILABLE JUNE 15th on Amazon!

When Julie Monroe ends up in Hell, she has no idea what she's doing there. 

The things she knows are: she's dead, she's transparent, and she's been given a second chance. 

Kind of. 

Given the opportunity to return to Earth as a Succubus, she wants the chance to get out of Hell--but she isn't too keen on sucking souls for the Underworld. To make things even more complicated, she has a huge crush on her mentor, Asa. He's been in the business of the Succubae for hundreds of years, and Julie can't help but feel drawn to him. 

Convinced that she can escape, Julie believes that she can run away and hide. But, as she discovers different dimensions of Hell on Earth, she starts to realize that maybe there isn't a way to escape her fate.

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