Friday, October 19, 2012

Review of Unafraid!!

I haven't hidden my feelings for Cat Miller or Unbound which I loved. I was very excited with the release of Unafraid and dying to know how Tessa and Griffin started out. She didn't disappoint me and I loved it!

Griffin is a young future Councilman and leader of the Vampire Nation. As the only surviving son from the House of Vaughn he has been groomed since birth for the position. His parents' plans for the future of their House are a constant weight he must bear.

Tessa is a waitress who has been struggling to survive on her own since the death of her parents and the rejection of her family. The clairvoyant dreams that have plagued her since her childhood force her into a solitary existence.

Tempers flare and the battle between duty and desire ignites when their two worlds collide on a life changing cold winter night. Tessa’s heart hangs in the balance. Griffin is the only one who can tip the scales. Will his good intentions and love for Tessa be enough?

My Review

There was so much emotion coming from the pages of this novella, or jumping at me like electric bugs from my Kindle. I really loved Tessa's character in Unbound and Unafraid just made me love her that much more. She doesn't take any crap, and Griffin is deliciously complicated. Their story was just as fantastic as I thought it would be, and I love Cat's way of telling a story. Great job and I will be looking for the future of the Forbidden Bond series for sure!!

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