Friday, May 2, 2014

Sketchy by Olivia Samms

I was really into getting this book because I saw it on a Goodreads ad and the cover and description sucked me in. You can see my review below. I listened to it on audiobook, but I was totally into it and listened to the whole book in about 3 days. It was unique and interesting. I recommend it for those who like books with a little bit of everything.

Bea's life has been a mess ever since she got kicked out of private school and sent to rehab. Now clean, Bea is starting over at Packard High School, in a city shaken from two assaults on young women. The latest victim, Willa Pressman-the one who survived-doesn't remember a thing. But Bea has a disturbing new "skill": she can see-and then draw-images from other people's minds. And when she looks at Willa, Bea is shocked by what she sketches. Bea might be the only one who knows Willa's secrets-and who can take down the killer before he strikes again.

Sketchy (Bea Catcher Chronicles, #1)Sketchy by Olivia Samms
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I listened to it on audible. I was really sucked into the story, and I thought Bea was an interesting character. It is hard to show an addict and cravings accurately. I think it was done well. I enjoyed the story and there were times I really hated Willa and felt sorry for Bea so anytime I feel emotion for the characters I feel like the author has done a great job of sucking me in. I will be picking up the second book and continuing the series.

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Here is a link to an interview with the author! I am looking forward to reading or listening to Book 2!!


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