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Playing Darlene Guest Post

In this eye-opening true story, one woman recounts the double life she led working in two very different professions…one revered and the other reviled. Darlene spent over twenty years being thought of as a well-mannered teacher in a Southern California public school district, but her colleagues and students would have never imagined that for eighteen of those years she also worked as a professional dominatrix in a dungeon.

“Playing Darlene” lets the reader take a peek into the mysterious lives of professionals in the sex industry and some of the jaw-dropping encounters she had with the thousands of clients whose fantasies she helped come true. With everything from roleplaying a shopaholic wife being spanked by her husband to wrapping up a muscular cross-dressing client in plastic and watching him wiggle, Darlene helped men realize their most secret desires…while she wasn’t grading school papers on her breaks. Darlene's true stories of balancing her two different personas are frequently shocking, at times hilarious, and occasionally touching, but at the heart of the story is a woman on a personal journey not only to reconcile with her past, but also to discover the full potential of her own sexuality.

Guest Post

Thanks to 50 Shades...

BDSM is getting a lot more attention these days partly due to its inclusion in the 50 Shades trilogy. Here's what I think has been going on:

People have always had sexual fantasies. We like to fantasize about situations and/or activities that are considered naughty, illicit, or otherwise frowned upon by society. Whatever is prohibited becomes more desirable. Imagining these scenes in the safety of our minds can be highly arousing. Frequent scenarios involve kidnapping, domination, sex with a stranger, and even rape. Romance novels have been the most popular genre for quite a while, and guess what they involve? That's right -- those four activities. What woman wouldn't like to be overpowered by a handsome stud, carried off to the man's "cave," and seduced? Many women wish that sex could be like that for them, but, darn it, it's not. I think the cause could be that belief among dinosaurs that women aren't supposed to enjoy sex. Society is still telling us that we're not "good girls" if we like it as much as boys do. How can we take pleasure in sex if we're made to feel guilty afterward? But wait a minute. If it wasn't our idea, we can't be guilty, right? The abovementioned fantasy is the perfect solution. It was the MAN who swept us away and forced us to surrender. We can relax and have a mind-blowing orgasm and not have to take any responsibility for it. So...50 Shades comes along, and in addition to containing the gorgeous, very-skilled guy and the naive gal, throws in a few BDSM elements. Now women are discovering that a little kinkiness can make a romance novel even more erotic.

The next logical step is for people to wonder what OTHER activities exist in this "forbidden" world. If a small amount of BDSM is good, more would be even better. Consequently, it's not surprising that people are taking more of an interest in it. Besides, let's face it, after a while, vanilla sex can get boring, but with only a handful of B&D tricks up one's sleeve (coupled with a bit of imagination), there's no end to the variety of fun and satisfying sensual adventures ahead.

I'm excited to see that BDSM is becoming more mainstream. It looks like the addiction has begun.


About the Author:

Darlene was born in Hollywood, California, and grew up in Pasadena, a quiet suburb near Los Angeles. She received a BA in German from California State University, Los Angeles. For several years she worked in television and film. Credits include General Hospital, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and the female lead in the film Monstrosity in which she played a spaced-out punk rocker. She even photo-doubled for Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun and Corey Feldman in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (when they were 14 and 12 respectively). For the past 20 years, she has been a public school teacher in Los Angeles County. She currently lives in the San Fernando Valley, where she can be found indulging in her favorite hobby, ballroom and country-western dancing. Her next book is scheduled to be released in early 2013. You may also email her at

Darlene was featured in an episode of Discovery Fit & Health's “Shocking Family Secrets.” The episode will aired on Thursday, Dec. 27th at 10PM (9PM Central).

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